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CATS+ Master Contract

Functional Area 9 - IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting Services

Description -

The IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting include the following types of services: cost and financial analyses, information systems auditing and quality assurance and telecommunications systems management.

Cost and Financial Analyses
A) Description – An independent “third-party” review of cost factors associated with the recommended solutions contained in proposals from contractors to develop IT and telecommunications solutions. Independent third-party reviews may include such analyses as project return on investment, total cost of ownership, IT project portfolio analysis and payments made or revenues received by State agencies under various contracts for telecommunications activities.

B) Examples of Potential Services:

  • Verify charges and credits on telecommunications invoices that the State has received for various telecommunications equipment, systems and services, or amounts received under revenue producing contracts (may include inventory of equipment, lines, circuits and other telecommunications facilities). Assist in obtaining cash refunds from vendors for any erroneous charges, credits, or revenue shortages identified through audits.
  • Perform independent reviews of proposed IT projects, products, and cost for services and benefits to determine cost-effectiveness;
  • Perform independent analyses of cost proposals and cost benefit analyses for solutions submitted by Master Contractors in response to agency solicitations;
  • Provide total cost of ownership analysis that includes the entire range of cost categories required for any given project being reviewed. The cost categories subject to analysis will depend on the particular IT project and may include: acquisition, facilities, equipment, operations, maintenance and repairs, and other costs such as, nonrecurring, recurring, direct and indirect, fixed and variable, and research and development;
  • Establish baseline cost and benefits for IT projects based on historical data to serve as benchmarks for planning and evaluating proposed IT projects; and
  • Provide financial management IT for projects and recommend procedures and processes for improving project financial management.

  • Information Systems Auditing and Quality Assurance
    A) Description - Quality assurance audits of IT systems to ensure that systems perform to documented specifications in areas such as: data security, customer privacy, data accuracy, business processes, and customer satisfaction. In support of these efforts, auditing expertise to either perform or validate internal quality assurance audits for large- and medium-scale information technology projects in various environments (i.e., mainframe, mini computers, client/server, WAN/LAN).

    B) Examples of Potential Services:
  • Perform or validate quality assurance audits (including IV&V) of IT systems during the development process and report to a State agency on findings and recommend mechanisms to correct the issues identified in the audits; and,
  • Develop an action plan that corrects audit findings and report to a State agency on the results of these corrective actions.

  • Telecommunications Systems Management
    A) Description - Auditing services for quality control and for recommendations on consolidating activities spread among several contracts to obtain operational and cost efficiencies through consolidation and other means for telecommunication systems.
    B) Examples of Potential Services:
  • Evaluate and report on how State telecommunications contracts may be combined, streamlined, or otherwise improved to maximize operational and cost efficiencies in the State;
  • Provide assessments of configuration and performance of telecommunications systems and contract vehicles;
  • Analyze costs and benefits for telecommunications systems and provide recommendations based on maximizing return on investments for alternatives to current and proposed systems; and
  • Monitor the implementation of accepted recommendations or improvements and provide feedback on level of improvements.

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Master ContractorSBRMBEVOSB
1A Consulting X
3C Computer Solutions, Inc. X
A&T Systems,Inc.
A3 Consulting, LLC X X
AASKI Technology Inc
Abercrombie & Associates Inc. X
Advanced Government Solutions X
Advanced Software Systems (ASSYST) X
Advocate Solutions, LLC
AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (AECOM)
Ai NET Corporation
Alexan Consulting Enterprise Services, LLC
AlphaHill, LLC X X
Alphfinity, LLC X X
Altek Information Tech Inc. X
Ampcus Inc.
Angarai International, Inc. X X
Apex Systems, LLC
Applied Technology Services (ATS) X X
Artisys Corporation X
Atlantic Technology Services X
Attain, LLC
Bamecs Consulting Group, Inc. X
Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC X
Bazilio Cobb Associates X X
Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker
Birch Advisors X
Bithgroup Technologies, Inc. X X
BizTech Fusion, LLC X X
Bogdan Computer Services Inc X
Bourntec Solutions, Inc. X X
Brace Systems LLC X
Braxton Grant Technologies, Inc X
Bullseye Computing Solutions, Inc. X
Business Solutions Group, Inc. X
Campusworks, Inc.
Carousel Industries
Cirdan Group Inc. X X
Clavis, LLC X X
Client Network Services, Inc. (CNSI)
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
CMT Services, Inc. X X
Cognosante, LLC
Communications Electronics
Comp Camp, Inc. X X
Compugain Public Services
Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI)
Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) X
CoreLogix Consulting, Inc X
Cradle Systems X X
Crawford Technical Services Inc X X
Credence Management Solutions X
CSG Government Solutions
CTC Technology & Energy (Columbia Telecommunications Corporation) X X
CTGi, Inc. X
Curtis Consulting X
Cybernate Technology Solutions X
Dash Group, Inc. X
DatamanUSA, LLC X
Datapower, Inc. X
Dataprise INC
Delmock Technologies, Inc. X X
Deltamine Inc. X
Destiny Management Services, LLC X
DeVilliers Technology Solutions LLC X
Digicon Corporation
DigiTelLink Corporation X
Diversified Services Network Inc. X
DK Consulting, LLC X X
Doon Technologies Inc. X
Eagle Age Consulting, LLC X X
Elegant Enterprise Wide Solutions, Inc. X
Enlightened Inc. X
Enterprise Consulting, Inc.
E-Rate Elite Services, Inc. X
Ernst & Young LLP
Federal Engineering
Femdel LLC X X
Forsys, Inc.
Full Circle Solutions, Inc. X X
G.R. Patel & Associates, Inc. (GRPA) X X
Gantech X
Gartner Consulting
GL Communications, Inc. X
Grant Thornton LLP
Icetech X
Inflexion Management Sciences, LLC X X X
Infojini, Inc. X X
Information Services Group Public Sector
innoSoul Inc.
Inspired Data Solutions
Integrated Technology Solutions, Inc. X
Intelect Corporation X
Intellect Solutions, LLC X
Intersoft Data Labs, Inc.
IPKeys Technologies, LLC
IVA Communications, LLC X X
JANUS Software, Inc. dba JANUS Associates X X
Knovitas LLC
Knowesis, Inc.
Krishna Tech X
Legal Technology Solutions, LLC
Leidos, Inc.
Link Visum
Mathtech, Inc.
Matrix Systems & Technologies X X
Mavenspire Inc.
Maxel, Inc. X X
Maximus Human Services, Inc. (Policy Studies)
Mazars USA Public Sector LLC X
MBL Technologies, Inc. X
McKenzie Christopher Associates Inc X X
Mission Critical Parners, LLC
Mission Services Inc.
Momentum, Inc. X X
MVS, Inc. X X
Myriddian LLC X
Nagtex, Inc. X
NAM Technologies, Inc. X X
Narvle LLC X
NetHost, Inc.
Netorian, LLC X
NextGen Consulting, Inc. X
Noovis Inc
Nu-Vision Technologies, LLC d/b/a Black Box Network Services
NWN Corporation
OBXtek, Inc.
Ohm Systems, Inc. X
Optimal Solutions and Technologies, Inc. (OST)
Optimal Solutions, Inc. (OSI) X
PCG Technology Consulting
Plexus Installations Group, Inc, dba Plexus Communications Group X X
PN Automation, inc. X X
Precision Task Group, Inc. (PTG) X
Preferred Technology Solutions Inc. X X
ProData Team, LLC X
PSI Pax Inc.
Pursuit Services X
Quality Oriented Solutions Inc X X
Questa Technology, Inc.
RAM Consulting Corporation X X
Red Salsa Technologies Inc.
Renaissance Systems Inc X
Resourcesys, Inc. X X
RTH Solutions LLC X X
SaiTech, Inc. X X
Samperk Software Inc. X X
SBP Consulting, LLC X X
Serigor Inc. X X
Shaheen & Associates, Inc.
Sigma Technology Partners, LLC X
Sigman and Summerfield Associates, Inc. X X
Skyline Technology Solutions, LLC
SNAP, Inc. X
Soft-Con Enterprises, Inc. X
Software Consortium, LLC. X
SONA Networks, LLC X X
Sparksoft Corporation X
Spatial Front Inc. X
Stragistics Technology, Inc. X X
Strategic Telecommunications Solutions (STS) X X
Strativia, LLC dba Strativia Software X
Stratum Networks, Inc.
Suber & Company, LLC X X
Synaptitude Inc.
Team Consulting, Inc.
TechnoGen Inc. X
Techtu Business Solutions, Inc.
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
The ACI Group
The Canton Group X X
The Cornerstone Professional Group, LLC X X
The Index Group, Inc. X X
The United Solutions Group, Inc.
Think Systems X
TMI Solutions, Inc. X X
TR Group, Inc X
TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc. X
Trilogy Technical Services, LLC X X
TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc. X X
TTW Solutions, Inc. X
Turning Point
Two Stop Solutions, LLC X X X
Unatek, Inc. X
Uniplus Consultants, Inc. X
United Solutions, LLC X X
UVS Infotech X X
Victory Global Solutions, Inc. X X
Vision Strategic Management, LLC
Vision Technology Services
Vivsoft Technologies, LLC X X
Weris, Inc. X
Wright & Associates, LLC X
WSP/parsons Brinkerhoff
Z Consulting Group X

DoIT Strategic Planning

Total # of Master Contractors: 205