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CATS+ Master Contract

Functional Area 1 - Enterprise Service Provider (ESP)

Description -

Services to ensure that information systems are designed to capitalize on agency architectures and State IT standards, provide interoperability with other systems and networks, be reliable and maintainable, and make the most cost-effective use of COTS technology and agency-wide and government-wide resources.

Examples of Potential Services:

  • Deliver stated levels of performance, interoperability, and maintenance support within the known constraints of an agency’s IT infrastructure; and
  • Testing the appropriate configurations of two or more hardware or software components of information systems or telecommunications networks.

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Master ContractorSBRMBEVOSB
En-Net Services, LLC X
1A Consulting X
22nd Century Technologies, Inc. X
3C Computer Solutions, Inc. X
3KPC, Inc.
4A Consulting, LLC X
4S-Silversword Software and Services LLC X
A P Ventures, LLC X X
A&T Systems,Inc.
AASKI Technology Inc
AboutWeb, LLC X
Accenture LLP
Acclaim Systems Inc. X
Ace Applications LLC X X
Ace Info Solutions, Inc. (Aceinfo)
AcisTek Corporation X
Acro Service Corporation
Ad Hoc Research Associates
Aditi LLC X
Advance Digital Systems X
Advanced Network Consulting, Inc.
Advanced Software Systems (ASSYST) X
Advocate Solutions, LLC
Ai NET Corporation
Aileron Consulting, LLC X X
AIMSTAR Information Solutions X X
Akytech Consulting, LLC X X
Alcor Technical Solutions
Alexan Consulting Enterprise Services, LLC
Alliance InfoSystems, LLC X X
AlphaHill, LLC X X
Alphident Technology X
Alta IT Services
Altek Information Tech Inc. X
Altus Technical Solutions, LLC X
Alverest, LLC
AlxTel, Inc X
Ampcus Inc.
Angarai International, Inc. X X
Anzi-Tech Distribution dba OmegaCorTechnologies X X
Applied Information Technology, LLC X
Applied Technology Services (ATS) X X
ApplyLogic Consulting Group X X
Aquil Systems Inc
Arch Systems, LLC X
ARINC Incorporated
Ark Infotech LLC X
ARMA, Inc. X X
ArnAmy, Inc. X
Artisys Corporation X
ArzyNet, Inc X
Aspire Consulting Group LLC
ASR Analytics, LLC
ASR Tech Group Inc.
Atlantic Technology Services X
Attain Partners
AU & Associates Inc. X
Audacious Inquiry X
Avant-Garde Engineering X
Avid Systems LLC
Avid Technology Professionals LLC
Bamecs Consulting Group, Inc. X
Bara Inforware, Inc.
Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC X
Bart & Associates, Inc.
Beacon Grace LLC X X
Birch Advisors X
Bithgroup Technologies, Inc. X X
Bizsys Arch Inc. X
BizTech Fusion, LLC X X
Blended Ventures (BV) X
Blue Collar Objects, LLC X X
Blueprint Consulting X
Bogdan Computer Services Inc X
Booker DiMaio, LLC X X
Bourntec Solutions, Inc. X X
Brace Systems LLC X
Braxton Grant Technologies, Inc X
Brown's Communications X X
Bullseye Computing Solutions, Inc. X
Business Integra Technology Solutions, Inc. X
Business Solutions Group, Inc. X X
C4L, Inc. X
CAEI, Inc. X X
Calibre Systems, Inc.
California Creative Solutions, Inc.
Cambridge Federal X X
Cambridge International
Campusworks, Inc.
Capital Axis Solutions, LLC X X
CapTech Ventures, Inc.
Care Tech, LLC X X
CAS Severn X
CDW Government LLC
Celerens, LLC X X
CenturyLink Communications, LLC dba Lumen Technologies Corporation
Chags Health Information Technology, LLC X X
ChangeDynamix, LLC X X
Ciber Global LLC
Cirdan Group Inc. X X
Client Network Services, Inc. (CNSI)
CMT Services, Inc. X X
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
Cognosante, LLC
Communications Electronics
Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI)
Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) X
Computer Services Unlimited, Inc. X
Conduent State & Local Solutions Inc.
Connect International Inc. X X
Convergence Technology Consultant
Coolsoft LLC
CoreLogix Consulting, Inc X
Coriendo LLC
Corporate Brokers LLC
Cradle Systems X X
Credence Management Solutions X
CSG Government Solutions
CSRA State and Local Solutions, LLC
CSZNet Inc.
CTC Technology & Energy (Columbia Telecommunications Corporation) X X
Custom Software Systems X
CWR Technologies, LLC
Cybern Consulting Group X X
Cybernate Technology Solutions X
Cyquent, Inc. X
Dakota Consulting, Inc.
Daly Computers Inc. X
DanSource Technical Services, Inc. X
Data Networks, Inc. X
Data Processing Solutions, Inc. dba DP Solutions X
Datalink Corporation
DatamanUSA, LLC X
Datapower, Inc. X
Datastrong, LLC X
Debut Infotech LLC
Decisive Communications
Dell Marketing L.P.
Delmock Technologies, Inc. X X
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Deltamine Inc. X
Deque Systems, Inc. X
Destiny Management Services, LLC X
DeVilliers Technology Solutions LLC X
Diamond Technologies , Inc.
Digicon Corporation
Digital Copier Associates dba DCA Imaging Systems X
Digital Network Group, LLC X X
DigiTelLink Corporation X
Dimensional Technical Services, LLC X X
Diverse Concepts Inc. X X X
DK Consulting, LLC X X
Doon Technologies Inc. X
DS Federal, Inc. X
Dynamics Research Corp. (DRC)
Dynamix Corporation X X
Dynanet Corporation X
E.O. Media Services, Inc. X X X
Eagle Age Consulting, LLC X X
EastBanc Technologies, LLC
Edge Technology LLC
Edify Technologies, Inc. X
Educology Solutions Company X X
Edwards Performance Solutions X X
Ela Consulting, Inc. X X
Electronic Systems, Inc.
Elicere, Inc. X X
ELicitek X X
Encompass IT Security Solutions Inc X
End 2 End Technical Solution X
Engineering Software and Network Solutions
Enlightened Inc. X
Enterprise Business Solutions, Inc. X
Enterprise Consulting, Inc.
Epitome Technology X X
ePlus Technology, Inc.
e-Sci Corporation X
E-Solutions Inc
Estrada Consulting, Inc.
Esystems Inc.
Exceed Corporation X
Excelsior Consulting Services Inc
eXclusive Systems, LLC
Fairwinds Technologies LLC X
Falcon IT Solutions X
Fearless Solutions X X
Federal Engineering
Federal Hill Solutions X
Federal Staffing Resources, LLC
Fedsoft, Inc., Inc. X
Femdel LLC X X
Focused HR
Forsys, Inc.
FT Technologies, LLC X
Full Circle Solutions, Inc. X X
Fuse Engineering
G&RD Solutions, LLC X
G.R. Patel & Associates, Inc. (GRPA) X X
Garud Technology
GCOM Software Inc.
Gen3 Technology Consulting LLC X
Global Alliant, Inc. X X
Global Commerce and Services (GCS)
Global Data Consultants, LLC
Global Nest LLC X X
Grant Thornton Public Sector, LLC.
Group Z, Inc. X X
HCGI Hartford X X
Hi-Tech Business Systems Inc X
Hosted Records, Inc.
ICF Jacob & Sundstrom, Inc
iCloud Solutions X
iCollaboration Inc X X
iCube Systems, Inc. X X
Image API, LLC
Inalab Consulting
Inflexion Management Sciences, LLC X X X
Infojini, Inc. X X
Information Resource Group, Inc.
InfoScope Services, LLC X X
InfoTek Corporation X X
Innosoft Corporation X
innoSoul Inc.
Innovative Management Consulting, LLC X
Integrated Systems Inc
Integrated Technology Solutions, Inc. X
Integrated Technology Strategies
Intelect Corporation X
Inteliblue LLC
Intellect Solutions, LLC X
Interclypse, Inc
International Projects Consultancy Svs. (IPCS) X
International Software Systems X
Intersoft Data Labs, Inc.
IP Data Systems, Inc. X
IP Plus Consulting, Inc. X X
IPKeys Technologies, LLC
IT Trailblazers LLC
IT Works X X
ITSolutions, Net, Inc.
IVA Communications, LLC X X
JANUS Software, Inc. dba JANUS Associates X X
JASINT Consulting & Technologies, LLC X X X
Jones Networking X X
Jovian Concepts X
JY Systems LLC
KCI Technologies
Key Concepts Knowledgebase LLC X
Knight Point Systems LLC
Knot Technology Solutions X X
Knovitas LLC
Knowesis, Inc.
Koniag Services Inc.
Koryak Consulting, Inc. X
Krishna Tech X
Kyndryl, Inc.
Lancesoft Inc.
Legal Technology Solutions, LLC
Leidos, Inc.
Lexmark International, Inc.
Limbic Systems, Inc.
Linga Tech Inc
Link Visum
Lion Solutions, LLC X X
LoganBritton Inc.
Lufburrow and Company X
Mansai Corporation X X
Masai Technologies Corporation (MTC) X X
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Mathtech, Inc.
Matrix Systems & Technologies X X
MavenSolve, LLC X X
Mavenspire Inc.
Maxel, Inc. X X
Mazars USA Public Sector LLC
MCI Communications, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business Network Services
McKenzie Christopher Associates Inc X X
Metaformers, Inc.
Metrolink Networks, LLC. X X
MFR Consultants, Inc. X
Micropact Global, Inc.
MicroTechnologies, LLC
Mind Over Machines, Inc.
Mindboard, Inc. X X
Mindseeker, Inc.
Mission Critical Partners, LLC
Mission Services Inc.
Momentum, Inc. X
Mosaic Technologies Group, Inc. X
Moser Consulting Inc.
MS Technologies X X
MTX Group, Inc
MVS, Inc. X X
Myriddian LLC X
Mythics, Inc.
N-3 Technologies, Inc. X X
Nagtex, Inc. X
NAM Technologies, Inc. X X
Narvle LLC X
Navigator Management Partners
Navitas Business Consulting, Inc. X X
NavX Consulting LLC
NetEdge Computing Solutions Inc. X
NetHost, Inc.
Netorian, LLC X
NetVision Resources Inc X
Networking for Future, Inc.
Neumeric Technologies Corp.
New Fields Technologies, LLC
New Light Technologies X
NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc. X
NexSolv X X
NextGen Consulting, Inc. X
NextGen Federal Systems, LLC X
Nolij Consulting
Noovis Inc X
Norstan Communications, Inc. d/b/a Black Box Network Services
Nucore Vision, Inc. X X
Numbers Only
NWN Corporation
Oakland Consulting Group, Inc. X X
OBXtek, Inc.
Ohm Systems, Inc. X
Omnyon LLC
Optimal Solutions and Technologies, Inc. (OST)
Optimoz Inc. X
Peraton State & Local, Inc.
PingWind Inc X X X
Planet Technologies
Plenium Corporation X
Plexus Installations Group, Inc, dba Plexus Communications Group X X
PN Automation, inc. X X
Powersolv X X
Practical Solutions, Inc.
Precision Task Group, Inc. (PTG) X
Presidio Networked Solutions, LLC
Prime Source Technologies
ProData Team, LLC X
Project Manager USA Inc dba PM-America X X
ProSys Information Systems, Inc
PSI Pax Inc.
PVK Corporation
Qlarion, Inc. X
Quality Oriented Solutions Inc X X
Quantum Vision LLC X X
Questa Technology, Inc.
R & B Services Inc. X X
Radiant infoTech
Radiant Innovative Inc.
RAM Consulting Corporation X X
Random Bit LLC
Rapid IT Solutions LLC
RCC Consultants, Inc.
Real World Technologies Inc
Recogniti LLP
Red Salsa Technologies Inc.
Resourcesys, Inc. X X
Rivermatrix Technologies, Inc.
RuneMaster LLC X
SaiTech, Inc. X X
Salem Infotech, Inc.
Samiti Technology
Samperk Software Inc. X X
SAS Institute Inc.
SBP Consulting, LLC X X
SCD Information Technology, LLC X X
Sealing Technologies Inc X
Select Computing Incorporated
Serenity InfoTech, Inc.
Serigor Inc. X X
Servbeyond Solutions, LLC X X
Sidus Group X
Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
Sivic Solutions Group LLC
Sixa LLC X
SixGen X
SK Net, LLC (formerly ST Net, Inc.) X
Skyline Technology Solutions, LLC
Slait Consulting
SM Tech Solutions LLC
Smart Source Technologies Inc. X X
SNAP, Inc. X
Softech Inc. X X
Softek Enterprises X X
Softek International X
Software Consortium, LLC. X
Software Engineering Services (SES)
Software Information Resource Corporation
Software People Inc.
Solutions 3, LLC
SONA Networks, LLC X X
Sonora & Associates X
Sparksoft Corporation X
Spatial Front Inc. X
Spatial Systems Associates, Inc. X
Speridian Technologies, LLC
Staffactory, LLC
Starks Industries X
Stellar IT Solutions, Inc X X
Stellar Services Inc. X X
Stragistics Technology, Inc. X X
Strategic Technology Partners
Strativia, LLC dba Strativia Software X
Stratum Networks, Inc.
Summit 7 Systems Inc X
Susan Fitzgerald & Associates (SFA)
Swingtech Consulting, Inc.
Synergy Systems & Services X X
Syscom, Inc. X
SysData Logics, Inc X X
Systems Alliance, Inc.
Systems Integration, Inc. X
TalenTech Digital LLC X
Tandem Conglomerate, Inc.
Tarim Consulting X
TBM Technology Consulting LLC X
Team Consulting, Inc.
TeAM, Inc. (Technology Automation & Management) X
Techglobal, Inc. X X
Technical Specialties, Inc. (TSPEC) X
TechnoGen Inc. X
Technomax LLC
Techtu Business Solutions, Inc.
Tekstrom, Inc.
TelaForce LLC
TelData Communications, Inc. X
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
Telecommunications Develop. Corp X
TeleSolv Consulting Inc. X
Telnet, Inc.
Teradata Government Systems LLC
Tetrus Corporation
The ACI Group
The Canton Group X X
The Consultants Consortium (TCC Software Solutions) X
The Cornerstone Professional Group, LLC X X
The Fillmore Group X
The Innovation Network
The IQ Business Group, Inc. X
The NERDS Group X X
The United Solutions Group, Inc.
Think Systems X
Thought Layer
Three Sigma Software,Inc.
TIC Security LLC X
Tidal Technologies Corporation
Tierpoint, LLC
Timmons Group
TMI Solutions, Inc. X X
Topsys IT Solutions, LLC X
Total Networks Inc. X X X
Tower Resource Management, Inc.
TR Group, Inc X
Transcend Business Solutions X X
TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc. X
TreCom Systems Group X
TrendologyIT Corporation X X
Trilogy Technical Services, LLC X X
TriQst, LLC
TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc. X X
Tsource LLC X
TTW Solutions, Inc. X
Turning Point
Unatek, Inc. X
UNICOM Government, Inc. formerly known as GTSI Corp.
Uniplus Consultants, Inc. X
Unisoft Technology Inc X X
United Solutions, LLC X X
Universal Adaptive Consulting Services (UACS) X X
USmax Corporation X
UVS Infotech X X
V Group, Inc. X X
VA Associates, LLC
ValSatech Corp X
Ventech, Inc. X
Veterans Engineering & Professional Services X
Victory Global Solutions, Inc. X X
Vikat Solutions, LLC X X
Vinsys Information Technology, Inc. X X
Vion Consultants, Inc X X
Vision Technologies, Inc.
Vision Technology Services
Visionary Integration Professionals, LLC (VIP)
Visionary Technology Consultants (VTC) X
Viva USA Inc. X
Vivsoft Technologies, LLC X X
VMWare, Inc
vTech Solution, Inc.
Weris, Inc. X
West Advanced Technologies Inc.
Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC (WBCM)
WITS Solutions Inc X
Wonderland Ventures LLC X
Woodstock Solutions Inc X
World Wide Technology
Wright & Associates, LLC X
WSP/parsons Brinkerhoff
Xerox Corporation
XPAND Corporation
ZC Solutions X
Zillion Technologies, Inc. X
Zolon Tech Inc X

DoIT Strategic Planning

Total # of Master Contractors: 536