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CATS+ Master Contract

Functional Area 11 - Business Process Consulting Services

Description -

Streamlining business processes and the development, implementation and support of process improvements to eliminate redundancy; increase productivity and reduce cost.

Examples of Potential TORFPs:

  • Collect information sharing and business requirements from State agencies to use in the development of new systems and the reengineering of legacy systems.
  • Analyze existing work flow processes and define business requirements and recommend improvements to or reengineering of business work flow processes in order to meet identified business requirements;
  • Coordinate business process improvement initiatives across the lines of business of either a single agency or multiple State agencies;
  • Analyze the operational, technical and economic risks of reengineering efforts;
  • Assist State agencies with change management planning and the execution of reengineered business processes;
  • Document the reengineering methodologies used to recommend improvements in business processes and the methods of implementation; and
  • Assist agencies in developing technical solutions for IT projects for recommended business process improvements.

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Master ContractorSBRMBEVOSB
En-Net Services, LLC X
1A Consulting X
22nd Century Technologies, Inc. X
3C Computer Solutions, Inc. X
3KPC, Inc.
4S-Silversword Software and Services LLC X
A P Ventures, LLC X X
A&T Systems,Inc.
A3 Consulting, LLC X X
AASKI Technology Inc
Abaco Strategy LLC
Abator Information Services, Inc X
Abercrombie & Associates Inc. X
AboutWeb, LLC X
ABSS Solutions Inc. (ASI) X
Accenture LLP
Acclaim Systems Inc. X
Ace Applications LLC X X
Ace Info Solutions, Inc. (Aceinfo)
AcisTek Corporation X
Acro Service Corporation
Aditi LLC X
Advance Digital Systems X
Advanced Government Solutions X
Advanced Network Consulting, Inc.
Advanced Software Systems (ASSYST) X
Advanced Vision Systems, Inc. X X
Advantage Industries
Advocate Solutions, LLC
Afilon Inc. X
Aileron Consulting, LLC X X
Akytech Consulting, LLC X X
Alent Technologies LLC X
Alexan Consulting Enterprise Services, LLC
Aligned Development Strategies, Inc. X
AlphaHill, LLC X X
Alphfinity, LLC X X
Alphident Technology X
Alta IT Services
Altek Information Tech Inc. X
Alvarez & Marsal Public Sector Services, LLC
Alverest, LLC
AlxTel, Inc X
American Cabling X
Amiti Consulting, Inc.
Ampcus Inc.
Analytica,LLC X X
Anchor Technology and Consultants LLC X X
Andwyrde LLC X X
Angarai International, Inc. X X
Apex Systems, LLC
Applied Geographics, Inc.
Applied Information Sciences, Inc.
Applied Information Technology, LLC X
Applied Technology Services (ATS) X X
Aquil Systems Inc
Arch Systems, LLC X
Ardent Technologies, Inc. X
ARINC Incorporated
Ark Infotech LLC X
Arkenstone Technologies
ARMA, Inc. X X
ArnAmy, Inc. X
ArzyNet, Inc X
Aspire Consulting Group LLC
ASR Analytics, LLC
ASR Tech Group Inc.
Astra Infosys Inc.
Attain Partners
AU & Associates Inc. X
Audacious Inquiry X
Avaris Concepts, LLC X X
Avid Systems LLC
Avid Technology Professionals LLC
Axiom Corporation
Bamecs Consulting Group, Inc. X
Bara Inforware, Inc.
Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC X
Bart & Associates, Inc.
Bazilio Cobb Associates X X
Beacon Grace LLC X X
Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker
Birch Advisors X
Bithgroup Technologies, Inc. X X
Bizsys Arch Inc. X
BizTech Fusion, LLC X X
Blended Ventures (BV) X
Blue Collar Objects, LLC X X
Blue Sky Innovative Solutions X X
Blueprint Consulting X
Booker DiMaio, LLC X X
Bourntec Solutions, Inc. X X
Brace Systems LLC X
Bravium Consulting Inc. X X
Bugbee Consulting, LLC X
Bullseye Computing Solutions, Inc. X
Business Management Associates, Inc. X X
Business Solutions Group, Inc. X X
C4L, Inc. X
CAEI, Inc. X X
Calibre Systems, Inc.
California Creative Solutions, Inc.
Cambria Solutions, Inc
Cambridge Federal X X
Cambridge International
Campusworks, Inc.
Capital Axis Solutions, LLC X X
CapTech Ventures, Inc.
Care Tech, LLC X X
CAS Severn X
Celerens, LLC X X
Center for the Support of Families
Chags Health Information Technology, LLC X X
ChangeDynamix, LLC X X
Ciber Global LLC
Cirdan Group Inc. X X
Clavis, LLC X X
Clear Impact
Client Network Services, Inc. (CNSI)
Client Software Services LLC X X
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
CNC Consulting Inc. X
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
Cognosante, LLC
Communications Electronics
Comp Camp, Inc. X X
Companion Data Services LLC
Compass Pointe Consulting
Compugain Public Services
Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI)
Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) X
Conduent State & Local Solutions Inc.
Connect International Inc. X X
Convergence Technology Consultant
Coolsoft LLC
CoreLogix Consulting, Inc X
CoreSphere, LLC. X
Coriendo LLC
Corner Alliance X
Corporate Brokers LLC
Cradle Systems X X
Credence Management Solutions X
CSG Government Solutions
CSRA State and Local Solutions, LLC
CSZNet Inc.
CTC Technology & Energy (Columbia Telecommunications Corporation) X X
CTGi, Inc. X
Curtis Consulting X
Custom Software Systems X
Cybern Consulting Group X X
Cybernate Technology Solutions X
Cyquent, Inc. X
Dakota Consulting, Inc.
Dash Group, Inc. X
Datalink Corporation
DatamanUSA, LLC X
Datapower, Inc. X
Datastrong, LLC X
Davis Unlimited Info Tech X X
Delasoft Inc.
Dell Marketing L.P.
Delmock Technologies, Inc. X X
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Deltamine Inc. X
Deque Systems, Inc. X
Destiny Management Services, LLC X
Devcare Solutions X
DeVilliers Technology Solutions LLC X
Diamond Technologies , Inc.
Digicon Corporation
Digital Copier Associates dba DCA Imaging Systems X
Digital Network Group, LLC X X
Dimensional Technical Services, LLC X X
Dinocrates Group LLC
Diversified Services Network Inc. X
DK Consulting, LLC X X
DMV Solutions X X
Doon Technologies Inc. X
Dravida Consulting, LLC X X
DTEK Consulting
Dynamix Corporation X X
Dynanet Corporation X
Dynaxys, LLC X
E4 Logics, Inc. X X
EA Engineering
Eagle Age Consulting, LLC X X
EastBanc Technologies, LLC
Edify Technologies, Inc. X
Educology Solutions Company X X
Edwards Performance Solutions X X
Ela Consulting, Inc. X X
Elegant Enterprise Wide Solutions, Inc. X
ELicitek X X
Elite Management Solutions
Emagine IT, Inc
Encompass IT Security Solutions Inc X
End 2 End Technical Solution X
Enlightened Inc. X
Enovational Corp
Enterprise Business Solutions, Inc. X
Enterprise Consulting, Inc.
Epitome Technology X X
E-Rate Elite Services, Inc. X
Ernst & Young LLP
e-Sci Corporation X
E-Solutions Inc
Estrada Consulting, Inc.
Esystems Inc.
Eureka Facts LLC X
eVision Partners, Inc. X
Excelsior Consulting Services Inc
eXclusive Systems, LLC
ExpediteInfoTech, Inc. X X
Expert Consultants Inc
Fairfax Data Systems, Inc. X X
Fairwinds Technologies LLC X
Falcon IT Solutions X
Federal Engineering
Federal Hill Solutions X
Federal Staffing Resources, LLC
Fedsoft, Inc., Inc. X
Femdel LLC X X
FERZ Consulting, LLC
First Data Government Solutions, LP
Focused HR
Forsys, Inc.
Forvis, LLP
FosterKnowledge X X
Full Circle Solutions, Inc. X X
G.R. Patel & Associates, Inc. (GRPA) X X
Gartner Consulting
Garud Technology
GCOM Software Inc.
Gen3 Technology Consulting LLC X
Global Commerce and Services (GCS)
Global Insights + Solutions
Global Nest LLC X X
Grant Thornton Public Sector, LLC.
Group Z, Inc. X X
Highland Technology Services
Hi-Tech Business Systems Inc X
Hosted Records, Inc.
Hyzer Group LLC X
ICF Jacob & Sundstrom, Inc
iCloud Solutions X
iCube Systems, Inc. X X
Identity Checkpoint Inc
iDoxSolutions, Inc.
Ignyte Group X
Image API, LLC
Immersion Consulting, LLC
Inalab Consulting
Inflexion Management Sciences, LLC X X X
Infojini, Inc. X X
Information Resource Group, Inc.
Information Services Group Public Sector
InfoScope Services, LLC X X
Innosoft Corporation X
innoSoul Inc.
Innovative Consulting & Management Services, LLC X X
Innovative Management Consulting, LLC X
Inspired Data Solutions X
Integrated Systems Inc
Integrated Technology Solutions and Services, Inc X
Integrated Technology Solutions, Inc. X
Integrated Technology Strategies
Intelect Corporation X
Inteliblue LLC
Intellect Solutions, LLC X
Interclypse, Inc
International Projects Consultancy Svs. (IPCS) X
International Software Systems X
Intersoft Data Labs, Inc.
Intueor Consulting Inc.
iQuasar, LLC X
IT Trailblazers LLC
IT Works X X
Itenology Corporation X X
IVA Communications, LLC X X
Ivantis Management & Info. Consulting X
JANUS Software, Inc. dba JANUS Associates X X
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc. dba JMT Technology Group
Jovian Concepts X
KBM Group X
KCI Technologies
Key Concepts Knowledgebase LLC X
KloudData, Inc. X
Knot Technology Solutions X X
Knovitas LLC
Knowesis, Inc.
Knowledge Advantage Inc. (KAI)
Koniag Services Inc.
Koryak Consulting, Inc. X
Krishna Tech X
Lancesoft Inc.
Legal Technology Solutions, LLC
Leidos, Inc.
Lexmark International, Inc.
Limbic Systems, Inc.
Linga Tech Inc
Link Visum
LoganBritton Inc.
Lufburrow and Company X
Lumen Solutions Inc. X
Magothy Technology X X
Mansai Corporation X X
Maru Solutions Inc. X X
Masai Technologies Corporation (MTC) X X
Mathtech, Inc.
Matrix Systems & Technologies X X
MavenSolve, LLC X X
Mavenspire Inc.
Maxel, Inc. X X
Maximus Human Services, Inc. (Policy Studies)
Mazars USA Public Sector LLC
MCI Communications, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business Network Services
McKenzie Christopher Associates Inc X X
MDSS Technologies, LLC X
Metaformers, Inc.
Metrolink Networks, LLC. X X
MFR Consultants, Inc. X
Michael Baker International, Inc.
Micropact Global, Inc.
Millenium International Consulting, Inc.
Mind Over Machines, Inc.
Mindboard, Inc. X X
Mindgrub Inc. X
Mindseeker, Inc.
Mission Critical Partners, LLC
Mission Services Inc.
Momentum, Inc. X
Mosaic Technologies Group, Inc. X
Moser Consulting Inc.
MS Technologies X X
MTX Group, Inc
MVS, Inc. X X
Myriddian LLC X
Mythics, Inc.
N-3 Technologies, Inc. X X
Nagtex, Inc. X
NAM Technologies, Inc. X X
Narvle LLC X
Navigator Management Partners
Navitas Business Consulting, Inc. X X
NavX Consulting LLC
Neil Hoosier & Associates Inc. X
Neo Technologies, Inc. X X
Neo-Tech Solutions Inc. (NTS)
NetEdge Computing Solutions Inc. X
NetHost, Inc.
Netorian, LLC X
Neumeric Technologies Corp.
New Light Technologies X
Newberry Group, Inc. X
NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc. X
NexSolv X X
NextGen Consulting, Inc. X
NextGen Federal Systems, LLC X
Nolij Consulting
North Highland Company
Novel Applications of Vital Information, Inc.
NTT DATA State Health Consulting, LLC
Nucore Vision, Inc. X X
Numbers Only
NWN Corporation
Oakland Consulting Group, Inc. X X
OBXtek, Inc.
Ohm Systems, Inc. X
Omnyon LLC
Optimal Solutions and Technologies, Inc. (OST)
Optimoz Inc. X
OptumInsight, Inc.
PCG Technology Consulting
Phillips Office Products d/b/a Phillips Office Solutions
Planet Technologies
Plenium Corporation X
PM Consulting Group LLC X X
PN Automation, inc. X X
Powersolv X X
Practical Solutions, Inc.
Precision Task Group, Inc. (PTG) X
Preferred Technology Solutions Inc. X X
Prime Source Technologies
ProData Team, LLC X
ProForce Personnel Group, Inc. X
Project Manager USA Inc dba PM-America X X
PSI International, Inc.
PSI Pax Inc.
Pursuit Services X
PVK Corporation
Quantum Vision LLC X X
Questa Technology, Inc.
R & B Services Inc. X X
R/O Resource Solutions X X
Radiant infoTech
RAM Consulting Corporation X X
Random Bit LLC
Real World Technologies Inc
Realistic Computing, Inc. (RCI) X X
Recogniti LLP
Red Salsa Technologies Inc.
ReefPoint Group LLC X
Rego Consulting
Resourcesys, Inc. X X
RKV Technologies Inc (a Mission Critical Partners company)
Robert Ferrilli LLC
RTH Solutions LLC X X
RuneMaster LLC X
Sabra, Wang and Associates, Inc X X
Salem Infotech, Inc.
Samiti Technology
Samperk Software Inc. X X
SAS Institute Inc.
SBP Consulting, LLC X X
SCD Information Technology, LLC X X
Scientific Systems & Software International Corp. (SSSI) X X
Securance LLC X X
Seeds of Genius X
Select Computing Incorporated
Serenity InfoTech, Inc.
Serigor Inc. X X
Servbeyond Solutions, LLC X X
Sharps Solutions, Inc X
ShoreIT Solutions LLC X X
Sidus Group X
Sigma Resources X
Sigma Technology Partners, LLC X
Sigman and Summerfield Associates, Inc. X X
Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
Sivic Solutions Group LLC
Sixa LLC X
SK Net, LLC (formerly ST Net, Inc.) X
Skyline Technology Solutions, LLC
SM Tech Solutions LLC
SNAP, Inc. X
Sobis, Inc.
Soft-Con Enterprises, Inc. X
Softech Inc. X X
Softek Enterprises X X
Softek International X
Software Consortium, LLC. X
Software Engineering Services (SES)
Software People Inc.
Solutions 3, LLC
SONA Networks, LLC X X
Sonora & Associates X
SourceCorps BPS, inc
Spatial Front Inc. X
Spatial Systems Associates, Inc. X
Spruce Technology
SQN Systems, Inc. X X X
Staffactory, LLC
Starks Industries X
Stellar IT Solutions, Inc X X
Stragistics Technology, Inc. X X
Strategic Telecommunications Solutions (STS) X X
Strativia, LLC dba Strativia Software X
Suber & Company, LLC X X
Summit 7 Systems Inc X
Susan Fitzgerald & Associates (SFA)
Swingtech Consulting, Inc.
Synaptitude Inc.
Synergy Systems & Services X X
Syscom, Inc. X
SysData Logics, Inc X X
System Automation Corporation
Systems Alliance, Inc.
Systems Integration, Inc. X
Tarim Consulting X
TC Enterprises LLC X
TeAM, Inc. (Technology Automation & Management) X
Techglobal, Inc. X X
TechnoGen Inc. X
Technology Blue Inc.
Technomax LLC
Technostaff LLC d/b/a HonorVet Technologies
Techtu Business Solutions, Inc.
TelaForce LLC
TelData Communications, Inc. X
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
Telecommunications Develop. Corp X
TeleSolv Consulting Inc. X
TEM Software, LLC X
Teradata Government Systems LLC
Tetrus Corporation
The ACI Group
The Canton Group X X
The Clearing Inc X
The Consultants Consortium (TCC Software Solutions) X
The Cornerstone Professional Group, LLC X X
The Index Group, Inc. X X
The Innovation Network
The IQ Business Group, Inc. X
The Kerr Company X X
The Test Control Company, LLC X
The United Solutions Group, Inc.
Think Systems X
Thought Layer
Tidal Technologies Corporation
TMI Solutions, Inc. X X
Topsys IT Solutions, LLC X
Transcend Business Solutions X X
TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc. X
TreCom Systems Group X
TrendologyIT Corporation X X
Trigyn Technologies Inc.
Trilogy Technical Services, LLC X X
TriQst, LLC
TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc. X X
Tsource LLC X
TTW Solutions, Inc. X
Turning Point
Two Stop Solutions, LLC X X X
Unatek, Inc. X
Unified Strategic Resources, LLC X X
Uniplus Consultants, Inc. X
Unisoft Technology Inc X X
United Solutions, LLC X X
Universal Adaptive Consulting Services (UACS) X X
USmax Corporation X
UVS Infotech X X
V Group, Inc. X X
VA Associates, LLC
Valiant Solutions, LLC
ValSatech Corp X
VerisVisalign X X
Versatech, Inc. X
Vetegrity, LLC X
Veteran Technology Leaders, LLC X X
Veterans Engineering & Professional Services X
Victory Global Solutions, Inc. X X
Vikat Solutions, LLC X X
Vinsys Information Technology, Inc. X X
Vion Consultants, Inc X X
Vision Technologies, Inc.
Vision Technology Services
Visionary Technology Consultants (VTC) X
Visions Strategic Marketing, LLC X X
Viva USA Inc. X
Vivsoft Technologies, LLC X X
V-Project Management Consulting, LLC (V-PMC) X X
vTech Solution, Inc.
Washington Technology Group X
Web Traits, Inc. X
Weris, Inc. X
West Advanced Technologies Inc.
Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC (WBCM)
WITS Solutions Inc X
WOOD Consulting Services, Inc. X X
Woodstock Solutions Inc X
World Wide Technology
Worldgate LLC
Wright & Associates, LLC X
WSP/parsons Brinkerhoff
Xerox Corporation
Z Consulting Group X
ZC Solutions X
Zillion Technologies, Inc. X
Zolon Tech Inc X

DoIT Strategic Planning

Total # of Master Contractors: 589