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CATS+ Master Contract

Functional Area 12 - Tower Site Preparation

Description -

The Proposed Tower Site Preparation FA include the following types of services: Determination of Eligibility (DOE) and Photo Simulations.

Determination of Eligibility (DOE) of Proposed Tower Sites
A) Description - Conduct historic properties survey investigations that meet the rules implementing compliance with Section 106 (36 CFR ยง 800), delimit the undertaking's Area of Potential Effects, identify historic properties, evaluate the effects of the undertaking to historic properties, and provide documentation to the State Historic Preservation Officer and the State.

B) Examples of Potential Services:

  • Provide historic properties survey reports, National Register of Historic Places Determinations of Eligibility reports, Criteria of Adverse Effect reports, completed State historic properties inventory forms, photographic documentation, line of sight profiles, and photographic simulations;
  • Determination of Effects/Adverse Effects shall include a Tower Viewshed Analysis and Impact Determination to include the effects on existing or potentially eligible Rural Historic Landscapes;
  • rovide visual impact assessments and expert application of the Criteria of Adverse Effect on historic properties and Rural Historic Landscapes within the Area of Potential Effect; and
  • Provide photographic documentation of existing tower assets.

  • Photo Simulations for Proposed Tower Sites
    A) Description - Provide photographic simulation services and resulting photographic prints of radio tower projects, which will be used during public information hearing presentations.

    B) Example of Potential Services:
  • Photograph an existing radio tower of the structural type and height selected for the location identified (typically 330-foot or 180-foot) and the radio tower sites selected for photo simulation; provide photographic simulation through superimposition of an image of the appropriate height and structural type of the tower projected onto photographs of the selected radio tower site(s) from a minimum of three different identified locations; and provide electronic images of the photo simulations taken from three different identified locations/view points for each proposed tower site.

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