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CATS+ Master Contract

Functional Area 15 - Electronic Benefits Transfer

Description -

Services to provide intra-agency technical infrastructure components to create a new or update an existing EBT system.

Example of potential Services:

  • System design to include functional design document, life cycle testing, back-up and recovery, system security;
  • Enhancement to operational performance;
  • Improvements in baseline functionality; and
  • Optimization of system software and network communications.

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Total # of Master Contractors: 74          Export to view Master Contractor Email Addresses

Master ContractorSBRMBEVOSB
3C Computer Solutions, Inc. X
A&T Systems,Inc.
AASKI Technology Inc
Acro Service Corporation
Advanced Software Systems (ASSYST) X
Akytech Consulting, LLC X X
Alexan Consulting Enterprise Services, LLC
AlxTel, Inc X
Ampcus Inc.
Birch Advisors X
BizTech Fusion, LLC X X
Cambridge International
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) X
Conduent State & Local Solutions Inc.
Cradle Systems X X
CSRA State and Local Solutions, LLC
CW Professional Services LLC d/b/a Lochbridge
Cybern Consulting Group X X
DatamanUSA, LLC X
Debut Infotech LLC
Delmock Technologies, Inc. X X
Deltamine Inc. X
Encompass IT Security Solutions Inc X
ENTAP,Inc. X, Inc. X
G.R. Patel & Associates, Inc. (GRPA) X X
Group Z, Inc. X X
iCube Systems, Inc. X X
InfoScope Services, LLC X X
Intelect Corporation X
Intersoft Data Labs, Inc.
JANUS Software, Inc. dba JANUS Associates X X
Knovitas LLC
Knowesis, Inc.
Maximus Human Services, Inc. (Policy Studies)
MCI Communications, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business Network Services
Momentum, Inc. X
MVS, Inc. X X
Myriddian LLC X
Narvle LLC X
NetEdge Computing Solutions Inc. X
Netorian, LLC X
Neumeric Technologies Corp.
Noovis Inc X
OBXtek, Inc.
Optimal Solutions and Technologies, Inc. (OST)
Optimoz Inc. X
Plenium Corporation X
Practical Solutions, Inc.
QED Systems X
Questa Technology, Inc.
Softek International X
Software Information Resource Corporation
Sonora & Associates X
Stratum Networks, Inc.
Susan Fitzgerald & Associates (SFA)
SysData Logics, Inc X X
System Soft Technologies
TC Enterprises LLC X
TechnoGen Inc. X
TeleSolv Consulting Inc. X
The Canton Group X X
Transcend Business Solutions X X
TreCom Systems Group X
TrendologyIT Corporation X X
Trilogy Technical Services, LLC X X
Viva USA Inc. X

DoIT Strategic Planning

Total # of Master Contractors: 74